Extra-Curricular Activities

MESD “Cleanliness Activity”

Believing in the students’ potentials and enriching their environmental awareness in authentic activities, Al Matn Organization for Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) has organized an effective cleanliness activity where more than 100 students from Almanar Modern School (Grades 11 & 8 AMS school) in addition to RasElmatn schools were fully involved in cleaning and sorting the trash in four streets in RasElmatn showing the green positive attitude to keep our environment clean and beautiful. So proud of our students and their green work.

Participation in extracurricular activities helps pupils develop important skills and interests so we encourage them to get involved in as many as possible. It also improves their self-confidence and helps them understand the importance of teamwork and fair play. Team sports play a big part and we offer a wide range at AMS. Students can take part in basketball, soccer, tennis, and athletics. Also, the quality of our music standards is high and many children take extra instrumental lessons. Regular recitals performed by soloists, groups, and the choir are presented on different occasions. We believe drama is educationally important and regularly every elementary class stages plays and musicals. In addition, Educational Club, Environmental Club, and Model United Nation (MUN) Club are founded to develop the student’s personality intellectually, socially, emotionally, and aesthetically.

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