Cycle Four: (Grades:10-12)

  • Educational Philosophy


We expect our graduates to think critically, to reason scientifically, to understand the relationship between the global economy and sustainable environments, to attain proficiency in a foreign language, and to recognize how philosophy, sociology, Social Studies, and technology have contributed to the development of the world. Of paramount importance in our students’ lives is helping them find balance. In addition, we encourage students to continue pursue their athletic interests and artistic passions and to engage in the life of the school. We view coaches as teachers and the fields and courts as extensions of the classroom. We encourage our students to participate and to strive for excellence. The school seeks to produce highly competitive teams and prizes character, sportsmanship, and teamwork at all levels.


  • Lebanese Curriculum


The Lebanese curriculum program prepares students for official Lebanese government exams of three sections – General Sciences, Life Sciences, Sociology and Economics. These exams are required to qualify students for entrance to universities as Sophomores. The following courses are obligatory and of uniform level:


    • Arabic Language,
    • English Language,
    • Math,
    • Physics,
    • Chemistry,
    • Biology,
    • Sociology,
    • Economics,
    • Philosophy,
    • History,
    • Geography,
    • Civics,
    • Computer, &
    • Physical Education.