Continuous Professional Development



Believing in the essence of school self-evaluation and the need to have an accurate picture of the quality of teaching and learning in AMS, continuous professional development has been established. Leaders, coordinators, and teachers meet weekly on Wednesdays for one or two hours to present workshops aimed at improving teachers’ performance and raising standards of student’s achievement. The main characteristics of CPD are:

  • Has a clear and agreed vision of what effective teaching is
  • Is based on the best available evidence of teaching and learning
  • Takes account of participants’ previous knowledge and experience
  • Enables teachers to develop further experience in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technology and other essential elements required for teaching to high standards
  • Is driven by a coherent long-term plan, so that it is sustained
  • Promotes continuous inquiry and problem solving embedded in the daily life of AMS
  • Receives support in the form of coaching and mentoring from experienced colleagues
  • Evaluates the impact of teachers’ workshops on teaching and learning and suggests subsequent professional development efforts


AMS teachers have the privilege to present workshops that meet their needs using different strategies such as: individual work, pair work, group work. Topics that have been covered since the establishment of CPD are: Classroom Management, Differentiated Teaching Strategies, Lesson Plan Development, Character Education, Learning Disabilities, Project-based Learning, Authentic Learning, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence.

In September, October and November, teachers presented workshops about Interdisciplinary Approach, Report Card Comments, Schools’ Ideologies, Study Skills, and Integration of Environmental Education into School Curriculum.


In addition, elementary, intermediate, and secondary teachers have been involved in the following programs took place in Beirut:

  • AUB workshops:  All Prints Distributors & Publishers
    1. Sciences and Math
    2. English Language
  • Conference at UNESCO: Child Safety Program presented by Kidproof company in Collaboration with Ministry of Education  
  • Haigazian In-Service Teacher Training Program
  • Face to Faith Conference