Al-manar Modern School, a private school, was founded in Qubbay in 1985 by Mr. Fouad Abu Reslan and Mr. Kamil Makarem. One hundred thirty two students (K- 5) were enrolled and directed by an administrator, thirteen teachers, and one supervisor. In 1988, the school moved to Bhamdoun where the first stage of development, gradual increase of upper classes, was implemented in five years. Class of 1993 was the first graduate class of twenty five students. Then, the school moved back to Qubbay for four years to carry out the second stage of development. In 1998, AMS celebrated its significant achievement- the opening of the new building fully-equipped to accommodate 1164 students in an effective learning environment in Ras-Elmatn. Senior leadership team, teaching staff, and support staff have been fully engaged in the continuous process of improvement to accomplish the ultimate target, accreditation. The major successes earned since 2007:

  • The establishment of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Media Centers, Environmental Club, Educational Club,
  • The construction of a plantation field and a garden with a small farm, an auditorium, expansion of indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Outstanding official exams results
  • Outstanding students’ awards – MUN program at LAU/ Artistic and Educational Creativity Festival
  • The development of school choir and anthem
  • The development of extracurricular activities: sports, arts, plays, science fair, book fair