• Language Arts ( Arabic & English)


The Kindergarten language arts program is designed to balance the needs of the students as they learn to “unlock” the code of the written word with their innate excitement for learning. Working in small groups, the children visit various centers during the course of a week; reading, writing, and art activities are all integrated into a single topic. Phonics instruction and small guided-reading groups provide the foundation. Language experience stories consist of retelling and recording the child’s own language. Children have many opportunities to practice using written language. At the beginning of the year, many children may use inventive spelling to tell their tales, but as the year progresses they begin to apply the conventional spelling skills they have learned. Handwriting skills are reinforced along with proper spacing and punctuation.


  • Math


In math, students use a variety of concrete materials and Kindergarten-life situations as they learn to “think” mathematically. Students develop and solve addition, subtraction, and real-life problems, learn to recognize time, use money, construct geometric shapes, classify, and make patterns. They learn proper number formation and skip counting using different patterns. Children are frequently paired to play various math games, and math is seen as something we “do.”


  • Science and English Language


Because we use a thematic approach in designing our learning program, Science and English language are integrated into each unit. Students in Kindergarten study plants, animals, living and non living things, weather, seasons, earth, sky, land, water, senses, and classification of objects. Scientific approaches, demonstration, discovery, and experiment, are implemented to create an authentic learning environment.


  • Arts


We believe education should be a rounded set of experiences both in and out of the classroom. That is why we are so pleased to offer a range of art and music activities. They provide pupils with talents a chance to shine and develop.