Cycle Two: (Grades:4-6)

  • Language Arts (Arabic & English)


Reading program is a researched-based program that demonstrates the effectiveness of instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Teaching comprehension involves various skills and strategies such as: predicting, concluding, summarizing, generating questions, and clarifying. These tools help students reflect on what they are reading because comprehension instruction is thinking instruction. Our qualified teachers are concerned about the most talented readers/writers and those who are struggling to improve. Therefore, the materials in this program help them to respond to the different students’ needs and abilities.


  • Math


Math courses review arithmetic skills learned in the lower elementary grades and expand on these skills through algebraic applications. Topics include an introduction to algebra, positive and negative numbers, rational numbers, solving equations, geometric figures, ratio, proportion, percent, problem solving, area and volume, as well as statistics and probability. Mental Math is an essential part of the program.


  • Science


Science course is extended to include topics on organization of living things, energy, forces, motion, interactions among living things, kinds of matter, and continuity of life. Our science teachers implement the scientific approach through posing a question about nature, collecting data, forming a hypothesis, deducing implications, and testing experiments. The aim is to develop pupils’ critical thinking skills.


  • Social Studies


The social studies program is a study of others, past and present, integrated closely with language arts elements of the program. The students study the eight strands of Social Studies: 1. History, 2. Geography, 3. Economics, 4. Government,  5. Culture, 6. Citizenship, 7. Science, Technology, and Society, 8. Social Study Skills.

Studying all of the strands together helps students better understand the world and the people who live in it.


  • Second Foreign language – French


The French subject, meant to familiarize students with the basic grammatical structures. The notion of inflected language is particularly emphasized in daily exercises. Vocabulary and syntax are studied with constant reference to the English language, thereby helping the students with their understanding of language in general and improving their communication skills.


  • Physical Education


AMS believes that physical education and athletics complement and enrich the academic experience and are integral to every student’s education and personal growth. To that end, we offer a comprehensive physical education curriculum and a wide array of activities in order to foster a love of sport and a life-long commitment to health and fitness.


  • Arts


Students are required to develop their skills and creativity by choosing from one of the following performing arts offerings: Choral Music, Instrumental Music, dance, and drama. They are also directed to demonstrate their visual arts products in the annual school Arts exhibition and spring festivals.