Cycle One (Grades: 1-3)

  • Language Arts (Arabic & English)


Building upon the strong foundation of the Kindergarten program, in First Cycle the goal is for each child to become an independent reader: one who reads joyfully whether for pleasure or specific information. Themes continue to be the foundation upon which most of the day’s lessons and activities are built. As the children grow in their decoding abilities, the focus broadens to include an emphasis on fluency, expression, comprehension, and analysis. The “center” approach to teaching and learning continues to provide the students opportunities to work in small, adult-guided groups whether it is to read a book, work on phonics skills, write, or create a project that ties into the theme.


  • Math


Small group instruction, hands-on activities and games, mathematical thinking, problem solving, and basic skill development all continue throughout grades one, two, and three as the students learn to discover and comprehend new math concepts and skills. The math program at this level includes the study of numeration, computation (with regrouping), operations and relations, math vocabulary, geometry, fractions, time, money, graphing, patterning, measuring, and problem solving, including challenging problems that may call for more than one operation.


  • Science


Science program is integrated into various thematic units throughout the year and in particular the environmental education. Classes are planned to provide students opportunities to enrich their other studies through special science lessons, such as planting and tending to their very own garden, investigating forest flora and fauna, motions and forces, and matter. Inquiry and investigations strategies are implemented to develop pupils’ scientific curiosity.


  • Arts


The mission of the Arts at AMS is to inspire and foster personal and intellectual growth, artistic skills and talents. Our arts teachers offer instruction in visual arts, dance, music, and theater. Exhibits, recitals, and productions throughout the year celebrate our students’ accomplishments.


  • Physical Education


The goal of the program is to provide every child a chance to play and improve his physical skills. Playing times are rotated to ensure that boys and girls have the opportunity to develop their talents, regardless of their initial level of skill development. Kid’s enthusiasm is fostered by the dedicated talented coaches.


  • French language- Second Foreign Language


Students are exposed to French Language to provide them an introduction to basic vocabulary and culture, and build their reading and writing skills.