College Counseling Program

This is the end goal… College Acceptance.  Our program is designed for academic success, which naturally leads to many college options.

But with record numbers of students pursuing post-secondary education nationally, the college search and application processes have evolved into a rather complex process. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive college counseling program that guides students through each step.  Of course, finding the appropriate college “match” for each student is paramount; however, we hope to build skills that will serve our students beyond their college years.

We act as tour guides, coaches, and cheerleaders. With students, we discuss the college counseling timeline, curricular selections, the admission procedures, and standardized testing. On one hand, we invite representatives from a variety of universities – AUB, LAU, NDU, Haigazian, and AUST to speak candidly about admissions trends, faculties, scholarships, financial aids, and cultural environments. On the other hand, we send grade 11 students to universities fair to get more detailed information that would help them make the right choice and decision.