Continuous Professional Development

Excellent Achievements in LAU Language Arts Fair

Outstanding English Language Arts and Performing Arts have been highly recognized at LAU today. Our dear students participated in LAU Language Arts Fair and won the following awards:

  1. First Place Award: Translation Category – Tala Serieddine– Grade 11
  2. First Place Award: Performing Arts Category – Celiene Fayyad, Dalia Shayya, Karim Makarem, Amir Shayya -Grades 11 & 10
  3. Third Place Award: Short Story Writing Category – Yara Aboulhosn – Grade 11


Believing in the essence of school self-evaluation and the need to have an accurate picture of the quality of teaching and learning in AMS, continuous professional development has been established. Leaders, coordinators, and teachers meet weekly on Wednesdays for one or two hours to present workshops aimed at improving teachers’ performance and raising standards of student’s achievement.

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