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Peace Day Celebration

In a world full of anger, sectarianism, discrimination, and racism, we still believe in a change. On Peace Day, our students did simple steps as a part of an action plan to implement human rights, democracy, social acceptance and peace.  Our distinguished hosts were:

  1. Dr. Samir Michele Aldaher, the president of united nation association – Lebanon(UNA-Lebanon), the vice-president of world Federation of United Nations Associations and the president of  Académie des Hautes Etudes Diplomatiques et des Relations Internationales.(AHED)
  2. Barbara Beokhodt, Representative of War Child Holland organization in Lebanon. War Child is a rights-based organization committed to the fulfillment of children’s rights, in particular their right to healthy psychosocial development.
  3. Mrs. Rima Karaki,  a television host, radio presenter, author, media trainer and university professor who deeply supports educational approaches to make changes in the world around.
  4. Mrs. Ghida Majzoob, a presenter of TV shows in the future TV

Then, the following activities were demonstrated:

  1. grade 8 students presented a short play shedding light on the disasters that any war can produce.
  2. A group of grade 11 students demonstrated a short video that sums up all the inconveniences that they face in their world and their expectations of solving these inconveniences. This video was done by Amal Salha and Hoda Hilal.
  3.  grade 8 students led a peaceful parade declaring for human rights, democracy and peace. You are all invited to share with them their civilized action to express themselves.

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